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09 Jun 2010





Truth are New Zealand's top dubstep export and they have lots of releases lined up for 2010 including an album this summer. We caught up with them recently to find out more...

Please introduce yourself...

We are Truth, a dubstep production three piece from New Zealand. We have been producing dubstep for the past three or four years since meeting Mala, who gave us a CD of forthcoming music on his Deep Medi label. This inspired us to get creative on the dubstep tip. A  few days later we gave him a CD of our music and he signed a single called The Fatman / Stolen Children. From there things have gained momentum, we've released a number of 12"s on various labels, toured the UK and EU twice as well as remixing a number of artists including The Nextmen and Ms Dynamite.

Tell us more about the album you're releasing...

The album is called Puppets and is being released on Aquatic Lab in July. It is an album which aims to give the listener a snapshot of the Truth sound as it currently stands. The theme delves into the deeper darker side of dubstep, it definitely has a moody slightly cinematic element to it. We have always intended to stay true to the original foundations of dubstep, taking inspiration from some of the pioneers such as Loefah and Mala.

What's the thought process behind the title?

Well, you can take a lot of meanings from the title Puppets, and it has strong resonance for us. However, we'll leave it to the listener to interpret what it means to them.

What did you set out to achieve with it?

Our goal with the album was to create something with a strong and identifiable vibe where we're proud of every track with no filler. It's a showcase of what we consider the Truth sound to be in 2010. Each track should be able to be listened to at home, in the car, on the way to work and in the club!

How does working on albums compare with of singles?

It's a very different process in a lot of ways. Obviously making each track is a journey in itself whether destined for a single or an album. Generally there is a lot more work involved in creating an album, a lot of back and forth with music, ideas, artwork, schedules, etc.

Having said that, the payoff is huge, there is a lot more creative control! With a single, it is the label who decides what to release and how it looks and feels, whereas for us we have been involved with all the elements of the album, not just the music.

The biggest opportunity presented by doing an album is the chance to express the Truth sound as we see it, in its entirety. With an album you can look at it as one piece of work, all the tracks are inter-related with an overriding theme. By listening to our album of 15 tracks, the listener will come away with a pretty clear idea of where we are coming from. With a single it's a lot more difficult to achieve this.

Who have you collaborated with on it?

Originally we intended to make this purely a Truth album, even though we have collaborated with a lot of artists over the past 12 months. However, we got in the studio with Ben Verse a few weeks ago while we were touring the UK and made a track called Under Current, we love the track and felt that it fit the vibe we were going for with the album, so that is on there! It was great working with Ben, he's got amazing energy in the studio!

Over what period was it made?

Over the past two years we have been putting our favourite tracks aside in the intention that we'd be releasing an album at some stage. Toward the middle of last year, the guys from Aquatic Lab approached us with the idea of putting out the debut Truth album. Since then we have been focusing all our efforts in the studio toward making an album we're really happy with and proud of.

What's the next challenge for you?

Until now we've been pretty focused on getting the album finished in time for a July release. Now that everything is locked we'll be touring the US (July / August), Australia & New Zealand (August / September) and the UK & Europe (September / October) to promote the album.

Anything else you want to tell us about?

Aside from the album, we have a busy release schedule this year. We've had two 12"s out so far in 2010, the next one is two tracks we did with Dutty Ranks and is on Argon.

Following this is the second album sampler (Juno / Under Current). A few other things which will be out in the next few months include our next single on Deep Medi (Amnesia / International) and a four-track EP on Disfigured Dubz.

We also have remixes coming out soon for Skitz, Silverclub and NZ bands Shapeshifter and The Black Seeds. Currently we are finishing off collaborations with Tunnidge, Joker, Silkie, dBridge, Instra:mental, Cyrus, Datsik and a few others.


LAB11 - Preview - Truth - Juno & Under Current (with Ben Verse) by Aquatic Lab Records


TRUTH feature (15 min mix) on BBC RADIO1 Mary Anne Hobbs Show by Truth



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