Spor Releases New EP


07 Apr 2010





Spor talks to Kmag about his new four-track EP, Conquerors & Commoners, collaborations with Noisia, touring with Deadmau5 and working on his debut album...

Tell us more about the tracks on Conquerors & Commoners...

It's the release I'm most proud of to date I would say. I wanted to continue a theme of covering a broad spectrum of style through four tracks, representing facets of what I play live.

Kaori is a track that grew and grew over a year or two, and finally finishing it off was really satisfying.

Overdue was written in conjunction with Tasha Baxter, it was nice to venture out into the songwriting process and collaborate that way also.

Also David provided us some incredible artwork which was exactly what I was looking for, so overall I feel it represents what I've been striving for as a release in the most complete way yet.


What's the thinking behind the title?
The title comes from a Harlan Ellison quote I always liked. I've always been a devout atheist, but his quote was an elegant way of romanticising existence, I always found it encouraging. Someone read it at Cobain's funeral.

What else do you have coming out soon?
There should be a brand new single from myself forthcoming on Lifted with a range of remixes and a video also, some people have heard it in my live set but I don't want to give too much away about that.

Falling Through with Noisia should see a release at some point although I'm still not certain where or when exactly. Aside from this, everything's going into album work, I've booked a lot of time off specifically to get my head down.

What are you currently working on in the studio?
Album material for Spor which is just over halfway complete, collaborations, original Feed Me material and a bit of engineering for people here and there.

Do you ever collaborate in the studio? Who would be your dream collaborator?
I do like collaborating, I've been in the studio with Noisia and more recently with Vicious Circle, upcoming work with Eskmo and Culture Shock also. Dream collaborator; I'm not sure - Thom Yorke?


Are you making any other styles of music?
I'm touring with Deadmau5 shortly under my Feed Me project, which is principally electro / electro-house. It's sometimes more rough and aggressive than his material but I love the playful aspect, the scope for visuals and the arpeggios and synth solos I can write.

I've got a range of tempos on the Spor album, it'll be maybe 50% D&B. I think the bracket of what actually defines drum & bass is expanding anyway - I'd like to see people using the term to describe a wider variety of tempos, there's some people out there pushing this right now which I think is great.

What tracks, producers and labels are you feeling at the moment?

I loved the Moderat album, Miike Snow, and Kito seems set to do big things. Nero's debut single on MTA was brilliant too.

Anything else you want to tell us about?
Be sure to check out the all new Lifted Music website.



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