Soundproof Reveal 2012 Plans


21 Jan 2012





Influenced during the early days of FWD by the dark, experimental sounds that surfaced into dubstep, Soundproof are loyal producers of the dubstep sound. Hailing from London with big releases forthcoming on their own label, we caught up with them to find out more.

So you two were around when it all started, does dubstep still hold the same meaning to you that it did in 2005?
Yeah sure, its still exciting to hear a great new tune whilst at a club. There are producers and DJs that we go to see at raves still because we know they will smash it. We like the more deep and dark side of the music, tracks with atmosphere, feeling and heavy sub weight. You can't compare a Mala track to a Skrillex track. It's like comparing an orange to a banana!

Soundproof Records is your own label, do you have a particular direction for it in 2012?
This year there is going to be a higher output on the label than in the past. We have Barbarian EP out next month, to be followed by another EP from us alongside the amazing, soulful vocalist, Janine Small. There will be more collaborations & another guest remix of one of our tunes coming in the summer, we can't say from who yet though! We're also looking to get a few new artists onto the label, hopefully that will happen amongst the other things during the year.
You have a great track forthcoming on SP Records, Runaway featuring beautiful vocals from Janine Small, what can you tell us about that?
It's a remix of Runaway by X&Y, that's Chris B and Janine Small. Janine is from a musical family, her aunt is Heather Small from M People! We have the same manager & she played us the original X&Y mix, we loved it and had an idea straight away on how to structure the remix. We have passed it out to a few DJs and have received a great reaction so far. This is actually the second X&Y track we have remixed, Gravity Pulls Me Down is also worth checking out.



Your Barbarian EP is forthcoming in February, what's the story behind that?
We made Barbarian about two years ago as an exclusive dubplate to play in our sets. We thought it was about time to release it, so decided to make an EP around the theme of that track. We wanted dark, dance floor tunes, nothing to mellow or deep! We tried to get the best sounds for all the tracks so used our Access Virus C for most of the pads and synths. The last track on the EP is Disease, it's dark and rolling with a great sample, we love sampling obscure things for our music. It will be available digitally from February 6th.



Apparently you two are masters behind the decks?
We have both been DJing for over ten years, so we have good experience, from pirate stations in bedrooms and garden sheds to clubs like Fabric and Coronet. We craft our live DJ sets to get the most out of each track we play. Double drops, bass cuts and whatever else feels right to do. We actually played our first DJ set using CDs on NYE, vinyl and dubplates are our thing, but it's so hard to find a club that has turntables set up these days.

What do you guys enjoy doing when you're not working hard in the studio?
Haha that's a good question! We'll let you know when we're not in the studio.

Anything else?
You can hear us online at Flex FM every other Thursday night from midnight playing dubstep from producers like Ipman, Thelum, Dubfreq and new bits from us. To book us email and for management email We are always looking for music for the label so feel free to send us some demos.


Words: Laura Charalambous

Photography: James Burton

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