Social Security Return With Benefit Beats Digitized


30 Mar 2013





Social Security include acting, art and music in their skill sets. Now, they are back with new music, and the relaunch of a popular London night, along with a lot more. We spoke to Moses from the crew for the full story.


Hi Moses, how are you? How come Benefit Beats Digitized is coming back now?

Hey Gideon, I’m great thank you, yourself? Well the only reason we stopped was after the release of Benefit Beats 006 (end of 2011) our hard drives conked out and we lost 11-12 years’ worth of music, samples, unfinished tracks and ideas. So 2012 was all about building up the sample library again. I believe everything happens for a reason and I feel it was a blessing in disguise. Onwards and upwards.


Tell us about some of the projects the label is going to be involved in.

On Monday 1st of April we have The United Colours of Benefit E.P Vol.2 coming out which features the legend himself Nicky Blackmarket. Also at the end of May or beginning of June we will have The United Colours of Benefit E.P Vol.3 which features a track we made with Break back in 2002 but a 2013 Remix by ourselves Warm Bass Rising. Also will feature a new signing to the Benefit Family an artist called Cambridge which has some amazing Music right now and one of the tracks is called Genesis.


Since we started Benefit Beats in 2005 we have always had the Marvel Comics concept and just like Marvel have The Avengers I have a project forthcoming called The Producers and it will also be a 3 part volume series, so far it features artists like DJ Vapour from 36 Hertz, The Force, Verb, and another hot signing to the Benefit Family Sterling Sound which at the moment for me is one of my main focuses as I have signed a lot of music from them and helping them grow through the label and have forthcoming singles, E.P’s coming and I have featured one of their tracks called Eagle Klaw which will be on The Producers E.P Vol.1.


I know you are planning on continuing with a night in East London, what’s the aim of the event?

Yes we have our regular label night now called BENEFICIAL as we have secured a residency at nice intimate venue called Bar A Bar in Dalston/Stoke Newington, London. What’s different about BENEFICIAL is that we are going to be playing music that we LOVE and grew up with. So 90’s rap / hip hop, house music (all forms) and of course jungle / drum & bass (all forms). And a place where the public can hear some exclusive Benefit Beats pressure. 


What are you going to provide which is going to make the night stand out?

Well it’s also a night to push artists like Rod Justice who is making some really great house music with a future funk twist. Also Alexander Technique from Factory After Party who also is an amazing DJ / producer making some exciting music right now. It’s a chance to bring amazing artists who LOVE GOOD music together on each night and who respect their craft and give the public what they deserve DJing wise (mixing, blending & selecting & great production). 





So it’s going to be something really unique and special and these fantastic artists are booked for Sat 30th March and for future parties and have some really special guests too from the jungle / drum & bass scene who will be playing alternative music sets on the nights.


Tell us more about some of the other things you’ve been up to lately.

At the moment I’m working on remixes for Congo Natty, 36 Hertz and just finished a big one for Nicky Blackmarket (my lips are sealed for now hehe). Remix work is something I would love to do more.


I’m also a professional trained actor and extremely dedicated to my craft and career. I had a great year for acting in 2012 - short movies, commercials and now looking forward to what 2013 holds for me, can’t wait! I’m also working on an on-going event for the P21 Gallery in Kings Cross called “The Nights of the Poets” which is basically aimed at established and up and coming poets to share their poems / stories with other poets and likeminded creatives. Each event is based around a topic that is related to the Middle East in some way shape or form. Head to over the coming months for more information on that.


And you’re not the only member of your family hitting the heights, right?

No not at all, I’m very happy to say that Inzajeano is also a professionally trained photographer and completed his Masters in photography not long ago and since has been the signature portrait for The Taylor Wessing Prize at The National Portrait Gallery in London. Currently his clients have included The Telegraph, Stella, Barclays Magazine, Heathrow Traveler, FT, just to name but a few.


Lastly, break down the mix you’ve got for us.

The mix I have done for Kmag is a little something for everyone because I actually have a real, genuine LOVE, PASSION for all forms and styles of jungle drum & bass. And gives you an insight into how I love to select and mix and on how I love to entertain the public through the energy & the blending of the tracks, proper party vibes with education.


You’ll be hearing the forthcoming United Colours of Benefit E.P Vol.2 which will be out on Monday 1st of April (You’d be a fool not to buy it hehe) and a little snippet of The United Colours of Benefit E.P Vol.3 courtesy of the Cambridge with his track called Genesis.


I just want to say thank you for having me, thank you so much to the entire Social – Ites that have supported us throughout the years as I love doing this for YOU!


Make sure you catch the mix here


Track Listing For KMag Mix

Alone – Fourward Remix – Vision - (In The Grinde VIP – Dillinja - Valve)
Autumn To Ashes – June Miller - RAM
Clamber – The Upbeats - Vision
Street Knowledge – Fourward (Cross Bow – Shimon - RAM)
Guitar Funk – Trei & State of Mind (Number 1 – DJ Die & DJ Clipz – Full Cycle)
Drift – Metrik - Hospital
Vice Cream – Rene Lavice – RAM - (Snap Shot – Roni Size – Full Cycle)
Fire – The Prototypes Remix
Terminal – Mediks
Tap Ho – Venum & Kiff Remix – Don’t Play - (It’s Jazzy – Roni Size)
The Flux Capacitor – Social Security – The United Colours of Benefit E.P Vol.2 – Benefit Beats Digitized
Bad News – Serum – Calypso
Lo – Social Security – The United Colours of Benefit E.P Vol.2 – Benefit Beats Digitized (Dark Stranger – Origin Unknown Remix)
Sounds Ago Dead – Aries Remix – V Records
Rock A Dub – Runtingz Crew - (Represent – DJ Brockie & Ed Solo – Undiluted)
Run Away – J Bostron Remix – Yardrock – (Echo Box – DJ Brockie & Ed Solo – True Playaz)
Lioness – Vital Elements Remix – Congonatty – (Never Can Tell – I Kamanchi – Full Cycle)
It’s a Pity – J Bostron Remix – Yardrock – (Slippery Slopes – DJ Clipz – Full Cycle)
What Would I Do Without A Woman – Marcus Visionary Remix – Liondub International – (Work It Out Instrumental – DJ Die & DJ Clipz – Full Cycle)
Spread Out – The Force – Nemesis
Jog On – SR & Digbee – 36 Hertz
Tiger Klaw – Social Security – The United Colours of Benefit E.P Vol.2 – Benefit Beats Digitized – Out on Monday 1st of April 2013 - (Funk Physics – DJ Clipz – Full Cycle)
Something’s Wrong – Crystal Clear
Eagle Klaw – Sterling Sound – The Producers E.P Vol.1 – Benefit Beats Digitized – (Black Doves – DJ Die & DJ Clipz – Full Cycle)
Heroes – Nicky Black Market & Social Security – The United Colours of Benefit E.P Vol.2 – Benefit Beats Digitized - Out on Monday 1st of April 2013
2 Degrees – TNT – Remix Unknown – (Warhead – DJ Krust – V Recordings)
Jam – Gang Related – Rebel Instinct
Genesis – Cambridge – The United Colours of Benefit E.P Vol.3 – Benefit Beats Digitized – Out end of May / beginning of June 2013 – (To Shape The Future – Optical Remix – Metal Headz)
The End.



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