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19 Sep 2012






Loomis & Jones Recordings is a real mixed bag. From IDM to breaks, and from d&b to soundtrack styles, producers on their roster have had previous releases on labels as diverse as Good Looking Records and Si Begg’s Noodles imprint. But there's more to what they do - they also design sleeves and branding for the likes of Tru Playaz and Metalheadz. Catch an interview with Matt from L&JR right here.



How did the Loomis & Jones Recordings label come about?
Loomis & Jones Recordings grew out of Loomis & Jones Creative which is an audio-visual agency we set up which offers bespoke creative (visual) and music production solutions. Working fluidly on music projects together we soon found that we were producing tracks that we felt were too good to let go. Jones would emerge from the depths of his musical pit and unplug his cans to play me the skit he'd been working on for a client and I’d be like “daaammn, we need to be keeping that shit for ourselves!”. And so the seed of the record label was planted and grew. We've also always had fires burning in personal musical and cinematic projects, so suddenly they all have a shared, solid purpose.


Tell us about some of the styles which the label is going to be covering?
It's hard to define the record label by pigeonholing it into a particular style but I think the overall feel is one of a cinematic / soundtrack nature which encompasses quite a few genres including IDM, drum and bass, breakbeat, electronica, (ambient) dubstep and downtempo flavours.


We've both been heavily influenced by films in both our design and musical output so most tracks we've released have a shared cinematic feel about them, regardless of its genre.


Who are some of the artists you are working with and when are releases due?
Our latest signing is the aural architect Khafru. As well as a recording artist, he’s a graduate from the iconic LA Film school and is an active sound designer in the cutting edge film post production industry. His cinematic influenced ‘Mirrors Become Doors at Night EP’ will be coming out on Loomis & Jones Recordings in Late October. It fuses sound design with abstract tones, beats and textures to create cinematic IDM, with dubstep undertones.


Following that we’re looking to release the drum & bass licked (Loomis & Jones’s) ‘Pixel Shift’ EP, featuring tracks and remixes including the epic ‘Solar’ and ‘Leisure Lounge’; the title and style being a nod to the sounds emerging from the infamous club during drum and bass’s golden era in the 90’s. 





Speaking of drum and influences, we’ve been lucky to work alongside d&b veteran Biowire, who was featured on the highly influential Good Looking Progression Sessions. ‘Into the Fold EP’ which we released earlier this year showcases his IDM/breaks/future jazz styles. We’re looking forward to seeing what else he’s got up his sleeve in the New Year.



Jones also recently met up with some friends out in Jamaica who are working with a couple of dancehall artists; we were talking about how we might be able to work together on something different from what their listeners are normally used to. We think this project could be one to watch as they are very open and keen to experiment in alternative directions.


As well as being in talks with some heavy homegrown vocal talent, we’re also very excited to be working with a young singer songwriter who lives in Kenya; she’s got an incredible voice and her lyrical content is pretty deep. She wants to work with us on developing some deep soundscapes for some of her tracks, and also collaborate further on some other styles, so we’re very excited about this too.


So yeah, quite a bit bubbling under at the moment...



Explain more about the audio-visual angle you guys are taking?

We’re both from multi disciplined creative design backgrounds and we also both grew up fully immersed within the diverse UK underground music scene, way back from before the birth of hardcore. This has had a strong influence on both our design and musical styles and for us music and design have always gone hand in hand. We set up Loomis & Jones Creative to produce audio and visual solutions for companies who shared this creative thinking. Our audio visual output encompasses all things ranging from bespoke Vjing at gigs and events, creating trailers and presentations, TV soundscapes and record sleeves / music label branding.


The VJing angle is something we’re hoping we’ll be showing off a lot more in the future; much the work we do for clients‘ events was born out of our background doing visuals for raves and clubs so it would be good to go back to our roots in a way.


We’ve recently been working with a crew in West London called Gamoola on some of this; getting some projection mapping ideas together and seeing how far we can push our own understanding of what can be done. At the core of the idea is to create a live “experience” where the audio is played as part of the overall visual; turning our digital flight case into a tailor made, multilayered music video (maybe… I think!). We’ll see whagwan when we leave the lab ;)

Alongside this, it’s meant that we’re also getting more into the music video production side of things too, having recently produced the epic music video for ‘The Event’. This project started off as an experiment; we wanted to see how well we could do something visual that generated itself from the sounds it was fed. By the time we were done we even had the (virtual) camera connected to part of the audio, and were stoked with the outcome.



And who have you worked with on that side of things?
Well, going back, our design roots lie in the pre-digital revolution, including designing record sleeves, flyers and branding for legendary Labels including Tru Playaz, Frontline Records and Metalheadz (http://www.loomisandjones.com/ourwork/print/) Back in the VHS days we also did club visuals for camps including Analogue City Euro beat 2000 and Good Looking Records.


With those beginnings, and with the advent of the digital age, we realised we could take our learning’s and offer audio-visual solutions in many guises, but one in which we feel real strongly about is the VJing side.


We've been lucky enough to work in that arena with some global brands that recognise what we can offer and want to break their usual mould, coming to us to not only produce bespoke motion graphic clips, but VJ these live at international events. These have included Numark, Microsoft, Blackberry, Mercedes and artists including the drum & bass outfit Shapeshifter. We love this side of our arsenal, and it draws from our very roots.

What other labels have you got under the umbrella?

Being lovers of many music genres and as we can’t sit still, we set up ‘Needs Must Audio’ to cater for our ‘lighter’ side, covering styles including deep house, broken beat and hip hop flavours. Watch out for a deep soulful vocal house / broken beat EP dropping down sometime in ’13.





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