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01 Feb 2012





Andy Tweedale & James Evans, better known in the drum & bass world as Amoss, are a forward- thinking producer duo from Herefordshire. With a successful 2011 and lots of forthcoming releases to look forward to on Dispatch Recordings, Horizons Music and Renegade Hardware, we spoke to them for the low down.

It’s been a while since we last spoke to you guys, what have you been up to?
Andy: Generally writing a bunch of music and gigging. We had a great year in 2011 with all our releases, especially the Spectrum EP and the Hardware tracks, so we're hard at work to better those releases.

James: Eating too much cheese and crackers.

Has your style of production differed over the last year?
Andy: I wouldn't say it's changed too much, but we've definitely branched off and experimented with a lot more areas of drum and bass. With the material we've been working on recently there's been no boundaries so the results have been a lot more varied.

James: I think over time with each release we have been able to show people what we can do with our style, it’s been great releasing music with several different labels as it helps us to branch out with our sound.

Do you have any releases in the pipeline?
We've just seen our remix of June Millers Half Top Feelings released on their Give Up The Ghost EP, and also a collaboration with Dabs called Still There, both of which on Horizons Music.

We've got our 12" on Inside Recordings (Beartrap/Headrush), a track on the Horizons 50 EP called Recycle and a 12" on Horizons after that.


After that we have another collaboration with Dabs called Stendhal on his Subsidiary EP, forthcoming on Dispatch Recordings in March.

There's also an EP for Dispatch Recordings, which we've almost finished with the writing process, then an EP to follow up the Spectrum EP on Horizons which is still in its early stages. The Dispatch release will see a collab with Dabs and 3 of our own tracks one featuring MC Fokus, the whole release is pretty high energy and funk inspired. With the Horizons EP we're going down a more experimental route, more reminiscent of our Glurg Monster style, so far there's one track finished for that and another that we're looking at getting some hip hop MCs involved with. We're looking forward to that because working with vocalists is a relatively new experience for us. We are also in the process of writing a 12" for Renegade Hardware too.

Is there a particular direction you would like to go in with your music this year?
Andy: I guess we'll just see what comes out. People keep asking whether we'll write any other music apart from drum and bass, so that’s a possibility.

James: It’s hard to say what direction we may take as you never know where your inspiration will come from, as you can tell we like to write a lot of different styles within drum and bass, so who knows what we will come up with next. (Drum & bass gabba techno?!)

Which producers are you feeling at the moment?
Andy: Dabs, Octane & DLR, Getz, Gerra & Stone, Hydro

James: Pessimist, Halogenix, Dally, Overlook, Clarity, the list goes on...

Who is the best DJ in Amoss?
Andy: We'll let Simon Cowell decide when we enter DJ Idol Factor or whatever it's going to be.

James: Me, haha.

When can we next see you DJ?
03/02 - Invasion, Luton
10/02 - Radioactive, Belgium
18/02 - Renegade Hardware, Manchester
24/02 - Abstractions, Bristol
25/02 - Renegade Hardware, Area
24/03 - Katowice, Poland
31/03 - Springstan, Hereford
27/04 - Genesis - Hustle Audio Night, London
27/04 - Kent
30/06 - Budweiss, Czech Republic

Anything else?
Massive shouts to Ant @ Disptach, Jay & Chris, Neil @ Horizons, Scott @ Hardware, Mel @ S2k, Gav @ THTC and the Code Apparel crew. Cheers to Kmag for the feature, and always the upmost respect to the Hurricane Hereford crewdem!

Booking enquiries can be directed to


Words: Laura Charalambous



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