Pioneer DDJ-SX Review


09 Oct 2012



Pioneer DDJ-SX


Late last week, the creative minds behind Serato and the industry leader Pioneer DJ announced one of the biggest product releases of the year. Bringing one of the most featured packed, professional grade DJ controllers to market, the DDJ-SX is a powerhouse of a machine, developed and producer by the folks at Pioneer alongside Serato, to give DJs every feature they've been asking for out of a controller product.


The DDJ-SX will be the first to support the brand new Serato DJ software, which brings a fresh new look, feel, and function to the industry’s leading DJ software. The fun does not stop within the software by any means, with the hardware to meet or exceed any professional DJs needs or wants in a super sexy package.


The Pioneer DDJ-SX features a high quality aluminium chassis and platters, giving you that professional feel without all the dollars attached to it. Major feature upgrades are dual Deck mode, a built in sampler controlled by 8 illuminated velocity pads per side, and a twin effects sections to boot! The list of added features is endless, and the DDJ-SX has really stepped up as the industry "pioneer" of the controller market.


Some other great upgrades to this impressive piece of gear would have to be the built in 4-channel DJ mixer along with the control surface. You now have multiple inputs for external devices like CDJ, turntables, or any other hardware of your choice for even more flexibility! And finally, what we've all been waiting for from a DJ controller… BOOTH OUT & CONTROL!


Pioneer made sure to include this very in-demand feature allowing you to have control over your booth out, which is something this piece needed to have available. You get balanced XLR and RCA outputs along with the DDJ-SX being pre-mapped to Serato DJ software for ultimate control and ease-of-use.


The first 10,000 units will ship with the Serato DJ video plug-in ($100 value) as well, so don't sleep if you plan on putting one of these bad boys in your collection. The DDJ-SX is priced right, has every possible feature you could want out of a controller, and best of all it's Pioneer and Serato creativity and control, couldn't ask for a better combination! Shipping early November 2012 worldwide, lookout folks!


Words: Jon Methodus


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