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31 Jul 2014
Connect With Music Gateway
Music Gateway is a new website that helps connect musicians and industry professionals, we spoke them to find out more and how Music Gateway can help you...

23 Jul 2014
In The Studio: Break
Break is giving other producers the chance to add a bit of his magic to their music with his Symmetry Drum & Bass sample pack. Here Break reveals how he works in the studio.

22 Jul 2014
KG Gives Away Massive Preset Bank
Drum & bass producer KG is giving away his Drum N Bass Preset Pack For Massive, find out how to get your hands on it...

18 Jul 2014
Novation Announce Launch Control XL
Novation have announced a new mixer controller called Launch Control XL.

17 Jul 2014
Pioneer Launches The PLX-1000 Turntable
Pioneer marks 20 years in the DJ industry with the launch the PLX-1000 turntable.

17 Jun 2014
Kmag Liondub Remix Competition Result
The winner of the Kmag Liondub Remix Competition was FLeCK with Clima runner-up.

09 Jun 2014
In The Studio: Matta
Bass music duo Matta have just released a sample pack called Dark Garage & Dubstep. Discover how they approach working in the studio and how you can win one.

03 Jun 2014
In The Studio: Sleeper
Sleeper's latest release is a a sample pack called Dubstep Beats & Bass Volume 1. Read on to discover how he works in the studio and to download some exclusive demo samples from the pack.

04 May 2014
Kmag Liondub Remix Competition 2014
Download the free parts and rework Truespirit's 'Kill It Properly' for the chance to win a five-track digital EP release on Liondub and lots more.

29 Apr 2014
In The Studio: State Of Mind
New Zealand dnb duo State Of Mind tell us how they made their new album Eat The Rich and also answer your questions for production tips.

22 Apr 2014
Kmag Blu Mar Ten Remix Competition 2014 Result
We're pleased to announce the winner of the Kmag Blu Mar Ten Remix Competition 2014 was Conduct with Michiel van Erp runner-up.

19 Mar 2014
Top Six Earplugs
Each time you go to a club you expose your ears to volumes that can cause irreversible damage. Rather than settling for ill-fitting foam plugs, here are six of the best earplugs around.

18 Mar 2014
Kmag Blu Mar Ten Remix Competition 2014
Download the free parts and rework Blu Mar Ten & Seba's 'Hunter' to be in with a chance of seeing your remix released on their forthcoming Famous Lost Words remix project.

18 Mar 2014
How To Get Your Track Signed
Are you a music producer who wants to release a tune on a record label? Read on as we explain how to give yourself the best chance...

04 Mar 2014
N3GUS's Top Vocal Recording Tips
N3GUS has just released the vocal track Walk The Walk with Jakes on his PowerOf3 imprint so we got him to give us his top tips for recording vocals.

13 Feb 2014
Sample Genie Is Out Of The Bottle
Sample Genie has been providing producers with monthly sample packs and tuition videos from top drum & bass artists since June 2013 so we tracked them down to find out more.

22 Jan 2014
In The Studio: Mcleod
Mcleod has released on labels such as Spearhead, C.I.A and Dispatch but his latest project is a sample pack with fellow producer Villem so we spoke to him to discover how he works in the studio.

11 Jun 2013
Numark iDJ Pro Review
Numark's sleek new controller the iDJ Pro certainly looks the business but how does it perform? We take a closer look...

11 May 2013
In The Studio: Villem
Drum & bass producer Villem is about to release a sample pack so we spoke to him to discover how we works in the studio...


03 Apr 2013
DigitalLabz Unveil New Sample Packs And More
Bristol-based DigitalLabz have some very exciting new projects going on right now. We give you the details here.

29 Mar 2013
Unsigned Competition Feb 2013 Result
A belated result for our February unsigned competition and we're happy to announce that two-time runner-up Kedah State is the winner with his track called 'Frost Eyed'.

24 Mar 2013
Stanton SCS.4DJ Review
Kmag takes a close look at the SCS.4DJ, Stanton's all-in-one DJ system

03 Feb 2013
Unsigned Competition Dec 2012 Result
The winner of our December 2012 Unsigned Competition was hotly contested but after much deliberation, we awarded the top prize to Alex Kalin for his masterful production, 'Closer'.

04 Dec 2012
Unsigned Competition Result November 2012
The winner of our unsigned track competition for November 2012 is Sentry with their track, 'Descendant'.

06 Nov 2012
Unsigned Competition October 2012 Result
There was vast interest in our unsigned track competition for October 2012 but unfortunately there could only be one winner and the winning track was 'Mimetic Wormhall' by DJ Mood.





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