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27 Feb 2012



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We've joined forces with Blu Mar Ten, SoundCloud, Loopmasters, Finyl Tweek and Surus for an exclusive remix competition. Download the free parts to Blu Mar Ten's All Or Nothing, remix it and win some great prizes we have to give away.


The winning remix will be professionally mastered at Finyl Tweek and released as a digital exclusive as part of the Love is the Devil remix project, alongside remixes from dBridge, Marcus Intalex, BCee, Joe Syntax, Unquote and Blu Mar Ten. The winner will also win a SoundCloud pro account, 2GB of free Loopmasters sample packs and £100 to spend in the Surus music platform.


One runner-up and the group choice winner (the entry in the group that is favorited the most) will win a SoundCloud Lite account, a free Loopmasters sample pack and £50 to spend in the Surus music platform.



The track you have to remix is All Or Nothing, which came out on Blu Mar Ten's Love is the Devil album in 2011. Don't worry if you're not familiar with it, you can listen to it in all its glory below. All the parts to the track are available to download for free here or in the embed at the bottom of the page. Then submit your entry to the Kmag Blu Mar Ten Remix Competition Group by February 26 at 24:00 (midnight) GMT and please note that your submission MUST have downloading disabled. For full terms & conditions go to the bottom of this page. Please read these carefully before asking questions about the competition.


We asked Chris from Blu Mar Ten a whole host of remix related questions and for a brief to point you in the right direction...


What do you remember about the making of All or Nothing? Does anything stand out?

All or Nothing was a really difficult track for us. It started out in 2006 as a downtempo track with a big pitched-down male vocal then over the years morphed into a drum & bass tune. There were about 60 different versions of it and for a while it had one of our singers performing a full vocal over it. By the time the album deadline was coming around we were thoroughly sick of it and very nearly ditched it from the album entirely. We changed our minds right at the last minute and included it as the last track on the album but it turned out to be one of the most popular tracks on there with support from DJs all over the place and was in High Contrast's top ten, so we're glad we didn't get rid of it.



Tell us more about how you approach remixing someone else's track...

We always try and pick the elements that speak to us the loudest and make those the core of the remix, then using those we build a Blu Mar Ten track around it and try and make it as much 'ours' as we can. It's pretty similar to the way we'd normally create a track except the starting point has already been decided by someone else. One main thing we almost always try and do is move the remix into a different key from the original to put a twist on what people are expecting to hear. We always like it when people do this when they remix our tracks.


What's the favourite remix that you've done and why?

We really enjoyed remixing Nothing Makes Any Sense by Bop. To start with Bop's music is pretty minimal so when he sent us the stems there was hardly anything there to work with. We had to take a single synth melody and build an entire track around that. In fact we replayed and elaborated the melody so it's possible we didn't use any of his sounds at all in the end. I was away touring in Canada at the time so every night I had to Skype into the studio and work with Michael back in London which lent an air of hysteria to the whole affair. We were really pleased with the way it turned out though.


What's the favourite remix that another artist has done of a Blu Mar Ten track and why?

We really like Stray's remix of If I Could Tell You. I still play it in sets now. Also Bop's remix of Believe Me was great. He sent it to us and for the first minute we thought "this is rubbish, he hasn't changed it at all", and then it dropped into this bottomless well of epic reverb with minimal clicks and pops. Total switch-up. Brilliant. Also Badmammal's remix of Above Words was incredible. He just went all out and turned it into some dark, instrumental country & western guitar version.


What are you looking for in entries to the competition?

For people to take the idea and make it their own. Really stretch the track and do something different to it. We want to hear some character and invention, not just a version of the track that sounds kind of similar but not quite as good.


What advice do you have for anyone entering the competition regarding the direction they should go?

As above, be inventive with it. The worst ones are where someone's just taken the parts and strung them out in a slightly different order. Don't do that! We don't care what genre it is just make it good and make everyone sit up and pay attention.


You're no strangers to remix competitions having run some in the past yourselves, tell us about them and why you like doing them so much...

Yeah, we've been opening up our tracks for remixes since the 90s. You can still see bits and pieces of them on old versions of our site using waybackmachine.


We used to upload the samples and host people's remixes on the site. Some of them were really popular and are still floating around the internet years later. It was just good fun and always interesting to see what people cooked up.


The last one we ran was in 2010. We asked people to remix Believe Me from Natural History and released the winners as part of the Natural History: Revision album project. It was a great way of finding new talent and we ended up working with two of the remixers, (Airwalker & INtrepid), for tracks on Love is the Devil, so it's nice to bring people on-board that way.


Anything else you want to tell us about?

The winning remix will be released along with other reworkings from dBridge, Marcus Intalex, BCee, Joe Syntax, Unquote and us, so make sure your work is up to the challenge!


Remember to follow Blu Mar Ten on Facebook and Twitter.



Entry guidelines, information, terms & conditions

  1. The competition closes on February 26 at 24:00 (midnight) GMT
  2. All entries must be received by midnight on the stipulated closing date. Those not received by the deadline will be invalid to enter.
  3. All entries must be submitted via the Kmag SoundCloud Remix Group Dropbox. Entries submitted via other means will not be accepted. No responsibility can be accepted by any party for entries not received due to technical or other delivery difficulties.
  4. The winner will be selected after the closing date at the discretion of Blu Mar Ten, whose decision is final. The winner will be notified within 7 days.
  5. Winner will be the the remix submitted from all relevant entrants as the one most liked by Blu Mar Ten.
  6. 'Winning' means that your remix will be featured as a digital release along with remixes from other artists of Love is the Devil tracks with full credit to you. It also means that you will receive the prizes offered by our participating partners. Winning the competition does not entail any form of financial reward for entrants.
  7. If you enable downloads of your remix or distribute it in any way prior to the close of the competition you will automatically be disqualified from winning. If the winning remix is found to be distributed prior to release Blu Mar Ten reserves the right to disqualify the winner and choose an alternative.
  8. Your remix can be any style of music you choose and can be as similar or different to the original as you wish.
  9. You may use as many or as few of the samples as you see fit and you may add as much of your own content as you wish.
  10. Unfortunately we are not able to enter into 'feedback' conversations about entries, please use the SoundCloud group discussion page to solicit feedback from fellow group members.
  11. Please do not submit unfinished tracks or 'works in progress'. These will be automatically disqualified.
  12. You may enter more than one remix but note you are only allowed to submit each remix to the group once. So make sure your entry is the final version when you submit it. Resubmissions will be disqualified.
  13. The winning track must be provided in either WAV or AIFF format prior to mastering
  14. The winning track will be professionally mastered at Finyl Tweek.
  15. All parts made available to download, and all parts downloaded remain the property of Blu Mar Ten. All remixes completed, whether submitted in this competition or not, remain the property of Blu Mar Ten. No exploitation, or distribution of remixes shall be permitted without the sole written consent of Blu Mar Ten.
  16. No purchase necessary and no proof of purchase required.
  17. Blu Mar Ten's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. There is no cash alternative and the prizes are non-transferable.
  18. Blu Mar Ten & Kmag reserve the right to verify the eligibility of applications.
  19. The winner's name may be published on,,, and Blu Mar Ten & partner's social networks after the closing date of the competition. Blu Mar Ten and participating partners reserve the right to contact the winner for permission to involve them in any post competition publicity and the winner agrees to such activities and shall make themselves reasonably available for such purposes.
  20. Your entry must not infringe on the rights of any third party, including, but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, or rights of privacy or publicity, or other intellectual property rights. By entering this competition you indemnify Blu Mar Ten & Kmag against any such infringements.
  21. Blu Mar Ten & Kmag reserve the right to cancel or amend the terms of this competition at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be posted within the rules on
  22. Prize is subject to final selection. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Blu Mar Ten & participating partners retain the right to offer alternative prizes.
  23. Entering the remix competition implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions, which are legally binding. Blu Mar Ten & Kmag reserve the right to disqualify any entrant if we have reasonable grounds to believe the entrant has breached any of these terms and conditions.
  24. The competition and the terms and conditions of this agreement will be governed by the law of England & Wales.

Competition partners


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