Jay Rome Guest Mix


23 Mar 2013



Jay Rome


He’s been running a record label for the past ten years, hosts his own monthly radio show on Bassdrive, DJs regularly and produces his own music. Suffice to say, we were surprised that Jay Rome has enough time to sleep, let alone chat with us here at Knowledge Magazine.

However, with a South American tour to head off on and a busy release schedule for his record label Blu Saphir – including the introduction of another sister label – we were happy that he took the time to answer our questions and even provide an hour-long guest mix!

The label has been around for a decade now and still going strong. What is your secret?


In my opinion the secret is to release more quality than quantity and to find always some new great producers to bring some fresh air to the label.

Merce is next to feature on the label with his remix of Vandera's 'Is It Real' and his track 'We Own The Night', both drawing influences from many genres to remarkable effect. How were you introduced to his music?

That was during the last year when I was more into producing until someone broke into my studio and stole my computer. In that time I was doing a track with a producer called Blueprint and he introduced me to Merce from Finland and at the end we did one track together. After a while he sent me his own tunes (including BLUS018) which blew me away so I needed to sign them for the label... there was no other way.




The release features a half-time track and also sees you venturing in to 140bpm territory with some breakbeat, which is a first for Blu Saphir. What caused you to deviate slightly from what you usually release?

I was looking for a flip of the remix and Merce came straight up with the idea to release "We Own The Night". After listening to it I was thinking the same so the release would come up as something special and innovative for Blu Saphir. "We Own The Night" is still really uplifting although its only around 140 BPM.

As well as continuing your commitment to releasing music from emerging artists, do you have any plans to release new music from artists who have been associated with the label since the beginning?

Unfortunately a bunch of producers who started with the label don't even produce drum & bass anymore, but there will be another release by Fox:Rox, Carter and myself and I also want to release more tunes from Merce. Of course I want to continue releasing tunes by my brothers Paul SG, Bassface Sascha, Submorphics, etc. but this is unwritten yet. Let’s see what happens in the future.

Talking of releasing slightly different music, you are set to introduce a new sister label in the near future. Tell us more about it...

Oh yes, there will be Blu Saphir Ltd Recordings launching soon with artists like Roy Green & Protone, Monologue, Hayato, Nitri and Nme Click. The style of the new sister label will be more minimal DnB and will be much deeper than the sound on the main label Blu Saphir Recs.

You DJ for the Blu Saphir show on the third Wednesday of each month on Bassdrive and have produced many of your own tracks in the past. What further plans do you have for yourself?

I will definitely continue the Blu Saphir Radio show on Bassdrive, after having no studio in the past ten months it was a bit tricky for me to produce a lot, but now I just ordered a new powerful Macbook Pro and I will be back in the game pretty soon with my own tunes. In that time I had the chance to do some tunes with Fox:Rox, Paul SG & Roy Green in their studios so there will be new collaborations coming out soon on Good Lookin, Blu Saphir & Digital Blus.


My last release was in February with Paul SG with a tune called "Comin Home" on Telluric Recs. I am also very excited about the release start of the new sister label BluSaphir LTD.

Also follow the next releases of the other sister label Digital Blus by artists like Paul SG, Soultec, Decon, DJ Chap, Velocity and Loz Contreras.

I also can’t wait to start my fourth South America tour which will start with the Marky & Friends Session this week. The tour is planned to happen for about six weeks visiting Brazil, Argentina, Chile & Peru. I am also really happy to start the tour at the mighty Marky & Friends session in Sao Paulo this Saturday.

Words: Jake Salter

Download Jay Rome's guest mix here


  1. Vandera - Is It Real (Merce Remix) - Blu Saphir Promo
  2. Merce - Destination - Dub
  3. Villem - Splinter In Your Mind (Break Remix) - Ingredients Records
  4. Technimatic - Sheltered Room - Spearhead Promo
  5. Paul SG & Jay Rome & Carter - Fools Blues - GLO Dub
  6. Vital - Chasing The Past (Loz Contreras Remix) - Dub
  7. Loz Contreras - Baby It´s You - Dub
  8. The Ego & DJ Roots - Need That Girl - Blu Saphir
  9. Fox:Rox & Jay Rome & Carter - Life Goes On - Blu Saphir Dub
  10. Andrezz & DJ Chap - So Many Days - Liquid V Promo
  11. Schematic - Free Me (Fox:Rox & Jay Rome Remix) - Blu Saphir
  12. Command Strange & Malaky - Regrets - Dub
  13. Decon - Deep Rooted - DIgital Blus Dub
  14. Paul SG & Jay Rome - Hard To Find - Dub
  15. Loz Contreras - Just A Moment - Dub
  16. Break - So True VIP - SYMM012
  17. Ower - The Missing Words - Authentic004
  18. Flowrian - Don't Care (Soultec Remix) - Digital Blus Dub
  19. Velocity - What Iam Sayin´ - Digital Blus Dub
  20. Gerwin - Soul Truth (Bungle Remix) - IM:LTD Dub
  21. Naibu & Ena Key - Into The Distance (Break Remix) - Horizons Promo
  22. Roy Green & Protone - Dachs - Blu Saphir Ltd. Dub
  23. Loz Contreras - Sienta (Paul SG & Jay Rome Remix) - Digital Blus Dub
  24. The Insiders feat. Collette Warren - Whonder Why - Intrigue Promo
  25. BCee feat. Nicholas Noble - May You Mine - Spearhead Promo
  26. Audio Habitat - Under Control - Sidechain Promo
  27. DJ Chap - Looking For You - White
  28. Altitude - Make Believe - IM:LTD Dub
  29. DJ Chap - When She´s Gone - Dub
  30. Malaky - Keepin´On - Digital Blus Dub

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