Delta Heavy: 5 Tunes That Changed My Life


22 May 2012



Delta Heavy


Fresh out the studio where no doubt they're cooking up another batch of genre-bending dancefloor killers, Si and Ben of Delta Heavy fame bring on the flashbacks as they take us literally down the rabbit hole exploring the prog-house, techno, rock, and dnb bits that continue to shape their inimitable sound to this day.

(Ben) Heard this when I was about 12 on one of my Dad's generic Ibiza groove beach etc. compilation CDs and it was the first record that turned me onto dance music. Previously I had listened to the likes of Guns N' Roses, Nirvana and... Meatloaf.




(Si) When I was 13 I started a band with my friends doing covers just for a laugh. This was one of the first tunes that we learned and played together and it became an anthem within our group of friends, getting drunk and putting this on at house parties. It was also the tune that inspired me to start writing music as a band and as an early producer recording into a four-track tape player. For me it really represents my teenage years at school.




(Ben) One of my favourite tracks of all time; I was obsessed with this for most of my teenage years. It's a real epic, musical journey of progressive house and hearing it at Space in Ibiza live when I was only 16 or so blew my mind; from that point on I knew I wanted to be a DJ. The riff still sends chills down my spine to this day.




(Ben) I had been into drum & bass for a while and was already in love with The Nine and Four Days. I had just started to get into Fabric despite being a very young looking 17-year-old and one of the first nights I went was when Planet Dust was first played by Andy C and received a legendary five rewinds. From that point on I was a complete DnB convert and the track still holds a special place in my heart.




(Si) Heard Eric Prydz drop this at the dance arena at Exit Festival in 2006 and it was the first time a house or techno tune really clicked for me since I had previously only been into DnB and dubstep in electronic music. The track really influenced our early DnB production and house and techno styles are still are big influence for us.



As told to: Chris Muniz

Warn the neighbours it's going to be a long night on May 28th as that's when Delta Heavy's Down the Rabbit Hole EP on Ram Records hits the streets worldwide.


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