Cause4Concern: 5 Tunes That Changed Our Lives


13 Nov 2012





Ahead of their headlining set at our FREE Kmag Presents Rise Audio event at Cafe 1001 on Friday 23 November, Kmag touches down with Cause4Concern for a quick trip down memory lane as the trio walk us through some mind-bending classics from yesteryear sure to inspire and influence the next generation of alchemists still to come.


This was a massive tune back in the nineties. Its arpeggiated bassline, vocoded vocals and electro beats made this a seminal classic; this is old school UK breaks at its best. I remember wanting this tune the moment we heard it and managed to pick a copy of it up at Unity records in London. It's a record we still listen to and never tire of. Other tunes to check out from them would be 'Narrow Minds' & 'Sirens of Acre Lane'.





Selected Ambient Works 85–92 is one of those albums that seldom disappoint. Although it is primarily instrumental, 'Xtal' features female vocal samples as well as alternating ambient sounds. As soon as you hear the haunting pads and vocals on the intro you're reeled in to a sonic journey through space. This record evokes good memories of being young and care free. This was the soundtrack to our youth. A classic album all should have in their collection.





While it doesn't scream 'Detroit' as much as UR's other work, this futuristic acid-based record is one-of-a-kind and timeless. Truly transcendental music from a legendary name. We remember hearing this track at Steve Bicknels club night 'Lost' where we were fortunate enough to hear Mike Banks playing and once we'd heard it we knew this was the shape of things to come. What you hear and feel on this track is incredible, with its otherworldly sounding organic/cinematic strings on through to the rawness of its 303 line, Underground Resistance take you on their journey to the final frontier.




F.S.O.L. – CASCADE – VIRGIN (1994)

'Cascade' is the first single from Future Sound of London's 1994 Lifeforms album. 18 years later and this track still astounds us, lush yet angular, synthetic yet so organic. In terms of just sheer sound design these guys were decades ahead of the rest and their music still inspires us to this day. The track that FSOL are probably most famous for is 'Papua New Guinea' but that was more club orientated whereas this track was far more ambient and was something we used to regularly listen to after a messy night out.





This is one of the all-time drum & bass classics and in our opinion Bukem's best tune. It captured the moment when jungle was very quickly evolving away from its rave roots and opened the genre to a much wider audience. We first heard it at Bukem's club night Speed at the Mars Bar in London which itself was the mecca for this style of music. The sample at the beginning says it all:


"Each new hour holds new chances for new beginnings,
The Horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change ..."



As told to: Chris Muniz


The Alchemist EP is out now on C4C Recordings:


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