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09 Nov 2011





Skimo is a UK Bass producer based in Peckham, London. He recently won our unsigned track competition with his track Jump so we caught up with him to find out more about him.

How long have you been making music?
I've been making music in various forms for several years. I had been a drum & bass DJ since I was 16 and produced a few drum & bass tracks in that time but nothing of any note. It's only really been the last year or so that I've taken it seriously and started developing my style and techniques. The major step for me, and probably the hardest decision I ever made, was deciding to move away from drum & bass and concentrate on making a style of music that until then I hadn't really shared with anyone.  

How would you describe your approach to making music?
When I decided to move away from drum & bass I wanted to make sure I was doing it for the right reasons. I wanted to write music that was me. A sound that people could listen to and instantly know that's a Skimo track. I didn't want to imitate or follow any set rules. The only thing I was certain of was that it had to be heavily reliant on bass, not just your normal half hearted, run of the mill bass but the sort of bass that could cure your granny's arthritis, but still be bouncy enough for people to dance to. I take a lot of influences from reggae, dub and drum & bass, specifically the darker sounds that came from the likes of Ed Rush & Optical, Bad Company, Tech Itch, etc back in the late 1990s / early 2000s, and so a lot of my music reflects this.

What's your studio setup like?
MacBook Pro, Logic Pro 9, Genelec 8030A Monitors, Mackie TH15A PA Speakers
Talk us through your winning track, what did you have in mind when you made it?
I had been to Notting Hill Carnival the day before, spent most of the day at the Aba Shanti Soundsystem and if you have had the opportunity to experience his sound system, then you will know just how devastating the low end of his system can be. It inspired me to make a track with a real dubby bassline but still have that Skimo sound to it. I love the vocal snippets they use in dub and I used to MC as a teenager so I just threw down a few lines from a old lyric and it worked. It pulled the whole track together.


Skimo - Jump [Forthcoming on Demon Recordings] by SkimoBeats

What else have you been working on recently?
I've been working on a debut EP with a slightly more revamped style and leaning a bit more towards the dancefloor than my previous works. I've also been working on a few collabs with a massively talented producer called WarSnare who is also working on his debut EP at the moment and is working closely with the Shades Of Grey label. There are a few other more recent productions up on my SoundCloud which anybody reading can check out and get a sneak preview of what's coming.

Got any releases in the pipeline we should look out for?
Yep. Riots / Caribou will soon be out on US based label 10Dollar Records at some point early next year. We haven't got a release date yet but keep your eyes peeled. It's my first release and hopefully all you readers will grab yourself a copy! Hint hint!


Skimo - Riots by SkimoBeats

Do you DJ? If so got any dates you can tell us about?
Yes, of course, but not many at the moment. As you can understand I haven't been around for very long, but the first major booking is January 20th with the Kritikal Krew guys out in Gibraltar. They have really taken to my sound and are very keen to get me out there, I'm really looking forward to it


Skimo - Montecristo [FREE DOWNLOAD] by SkimoBeats


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