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27 Oct 2011





Bryn Green aka Deeper Connection has been producing for eight years. Having signed his first track to Stepping Forward Records, he had since had releases out on Rotation Deep and Point Audio among others and has just signed with both Vampire Records and Good Looking Records. Next up is an EP called Full Circle that is coming on Nookie's Phuzion Records and he tells Kmag what he has in store for the future and drops an exclusive mix just for us...


Where are you from and to what extent would you say this influences your music?

I live in a place called Porthleven - a little fishing village on the south west coast of Cornwall. I think that definitely influences me - it's beautiful place to live. The summers are nice here and you can just chill on the beach all day if the weather is good. The winters are cool too and I try to take inspiration from everything around me in some form.


When did you first try your hand at DJing and producing? What made you try?

I was just really into the music and going out to raves. The Shirehorse was our local club so I started getting in there a good few years before I should have. Mastervibe used to put on a night and were the residents and used to play jungle before I started going to bigger events like Dreamscape. I started mixing when I was around 14 but the production came a lot later. I suppose it was a natural progression really and I just kept my head down and taught myself.


How would you describe your approach to making music?

I try to have some kind of depth to my music - something I and hopefully others can relate to. Music has to have some kind of emotion to it and I just create a vibe. It really all depends which way I switch it up in the studio.


What's your studio setup like?

It's pretty basic now. I used to have outboard gear but now I find I just don't need it.  I just use a laptop running Logic and Reason and a set of  moniters. That does the job for me.


Deeper connection 808 fillterd Dreams ( Phuzion Digital Exclusive Download only) November Release by Deeper connection



Tell us more about your EP on Phuzion. What did you have in mind when you made it?

I have my debut EP Full Circle  dropping on Nookie's label Phuzion  on November 14th, with two tracks from myself and two featuring Scott Allen. On Depth Perceptions we wanted to recrate that 3am lights down, low fabric roller. For Burning Up, I took inspiration from Nookie's '93 original because it had such an influence on my work. Moon Song is just real deep vibes that Nookie loved, while Filtered Dreams is a classic jazzy deep roller.


Tell us more about your releases forthcoming on Fokuz as well ...

In July we had the Revelation EP on Fokuz, which has had really good feedback with Bukem supporting one of the tracks in his In Sessions tour worldwide. Next up, we have a five track EP coming with various collabs on there and a remix from Brother that will drop on December 12th.  


How did you hook up with Phuzion and Fokuz in the first place and what's it like working with them?

I sent Nookie some music and he was feeling the tracks so we started from there and got talking. It's been great working with him because he's an absolute legend in this music. For Fokuz, we just sent some tracks and it started from there again. We now have a really good releationship with them too. 


Duoscience Deeper connection & Scott Allen. Streets of Gold Forthcoming Fokuz Recordings December by Deeper connection


What else have you been working on in the studio recently?

Recently a lot of collabs with various producers from around the world for various projects coming up before Christmas.


Tell us a bit more about the mix you are giving away with us and how you went about selecting the tracks for it?

The mix is a bunch of tracks I'm feeling and artists on Phuzion. I wanted some fresh beats for the mix so I gave some friends a shout for some tracks and gave Nookie a shout for some exclusive dubs for the mix. Most the tracks I selected for the mix are out now, with a few dubs in here to forthcoming to Phuzion and LDNB.


Where can people see you play in the near future?

Yeah definitely I'll be concentrating more on DJ things in 2012 and beyond. Next year, I will be launching a night in Cornwall based purely for liquid and deep drum & bass as that's been missing for years. You can also catch me at Liquid Sessions on October 27th.


What do you get up to outside of music?

Just relax - the norm really.  I skate and surf a bit to spend time with my son in the holidays but it's been the music pretty full time for the last two years so I plan to take a bit of time off next year have a holiday that I've never had.


Any advice for any aspiring producers / DJs out there?

Yeah just be you and find your sound. Don't clone something else or what you think is cool.


Download Deeper Connection's mix here


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