07 May 2012




Dangerous New Age Recordings label boss Scoop gives us a heads up on his drum & bass imprint and also delivers an exclusive guest mix.

Tell us a little about your label and who you are involved with...

Well, we have two labels. One is called Dangerous New Age Recordings (Facebook page here) and the other is Live and Dangerous. Dangerous New Age Recordings is a hard drum and bass label which has been signing new artists for quite some time now, and giving them a platform to go on to bigger things. We have succeeded with a few artists. Live And Dangerous was set up because we are not just a record label, but we also have live acts under management. We have an amazing live drum & bass band from Russia called LiveSummit. These guys are just literally waiting to hit the big time. 


The second act is a guy called Rust from his solo act called The Vangarde. This guy has won Australian music awards and film festival awards. “The Vangarde” has also supported De La Soul, Metalheadz, Viper Recordings and more! To go and win two Australian music awards one year after another and an “MTV” award associated with the Music OZ awards for best unsigned video is something not to be taken for granted. Live And Dangerous is a place for all kinds of music with no limits or boundaries.


We have recently taken on long-time friend Deemas J. People would of heard of Deemas if they ever went down to “Labyrinth”, “Best Of British”, “One Nation” or any other night he was MCing at. Deemas has been working with “Roots Manuva” and Hardfi producer “Wrongtom” on some dance hall stuff and it’s blowing up, they have just signed an album deal to a huge label, but I can’t say anymore about that yet. Definitely look out for them two. 


In regards to who are we working with, we are lucky enough to have the backing of the best music publishers in the world in our eyes called All Media Music LTD.  We also have a guy in Germany who is no small fish in the music world. He worked with the infamous Seal and pushed him as an act. He also works with David Guetta, Katy Perry, Rihanna and more, and he is helping us to find the right tracks. 



What’s been going on recently?

We have had our singer Keri Greenaway and her guitarist Micky B in the UK’s biggest unsigned bands competition, called “Live And Unsigned”. They have done really well so far and have beaten over 30,000 people across the UK to make it through to the area finals which is one away from the grand finals at the 02 to be crowned this year’s Live And Unsigned winners. (Please support this!!)


We also just released our first compilation album for a while on Dangerous New Age Recordings. It was called Raise The Dead and it’s had great support from Prolix, Telekinesis, Blame, Mampi Swift and more. 


We also have a really exciting act called EarAbuse who has not long ago released a double single with us called “Bad and Pornography”. This has had support from Danny Wheeler, Papa Gee (Kool FM) and Crystal Clear. Big shouts to Cygnus music for the promo.


Scoop, Alter Ego, and Rico have also just finished a cool little remix for Spanish label Histeria Records which features Leyla on it, a Spanish singer with some good status there. We also recently remixed a tune called “Love You For Ever” for Chris Morris who was a successful band member in Paper Lace in the 70's. It was an honour to remix for him and new label West World Recordings. 


Rico has also been working on some music with Scoop and Alter Ego and their first collab called “Martian Bar” got support from Prolix and Telekinesis to name a couple, not to bad for our first collaboration all together. 

Going back to Keri Greenaway, she and we have the amazing backing of J Majik & Wickaman, Darragh, Sudden Def and the whole crew from the Infrared Recordings camp so we are really honoured to have such a huge amount of experience and people like that in our corner. 


Wickaman has also asked Keri to be a permanent fixture within their new crew he has set up called Rewind - a huge moment for us. (More info on that coming soon) J Majik & Wickaman – Don't Go (Featuring Keri Greenaway) had its first time world exclusive play on Mistajam 1 Xtra show a few weeks back and has been played all over the national radios including a Kiss Fm April 2012 guest mix, which you can download from the Infrared Music Soundcloud page.


We are more than honoured to have Keri on this EP. I for one know how long it took J and Wickaman to finish the Behind The Mask EP which is out on the mighty Infrared Recordings on 30th April. So to be associated and have a massive backing from them guys is an amazing experience. 


They are also on a second tune called Memories which is set to be heard soon. It’s a big one!!! Keri and Blame are also going in for some studio sessions soon to and once again Blame is a guy we totally look up to. I will let you know more when Blame is ready to start showing music providing it goes to plan. There is also some amazing Charge Recordings stuff in the pipeline to with the mighty Mampi Swift but I will also wait until he is ready to speak about that to you. 


We have loads more going on, but we would be here all day writing it down.



What are your biggest collabs and artist releases coming out?

It has to be the tunes with J Majik & Wickaman. We have also done something with ex-rapper from the KLF with a newish crew called 75 Numbers. It was on Can You Feel It Media called See Another Day. Maztek is also on a remix of a huge tune, and we are over the moon to have T Phonic who is working on something but we can’t say any more on that for the moment as we want to give you a huge surprise when it’s ready. We have remixes coming out on Live And Dangerous and a new LP called Circuit Breakers forthcoming on Dangerous New Age Recordings. All tunes are in the mix so you will have to download it.


What are you personally into right now that we should be on look out for?

Firstly, I like lots of different music so I’m pretty open. Drum & bass wise I love the dirty sounding DNB but I also have a place for the more melodic stuff to. We did a massive UK promo called Rico & Scoop – Tell Me (Featuring Keri Greenaway) (Various Artists). It scored a huge national rating of 7.10 and had 86% percent of the UK’s mainstream club DJs support it. 

This was a massive milestone we broke as we was unheard of to these DJs. Power Promotions and the Play Centre, the two promo companies we used, were very pleased with the way it was taken by their DJs on the mailing list.  It’s now opened us up to the UK mainstream market.


It’s still not released and even though some artist have give us a little bit of flak for it we know that when its released and the water is just hot surrounding Keri it’s going to work. The timing for these projects has to be right and when you spend a lot of money on these projects, and they do cost. You have to be pinnacle with the timing.


Who are your major influences inside and outside of drum & bass?

Film music, most of my music has something that could sound like it was out of a film. I think that some of the best producers in the world are people like John Williams, Hannz Zimmer, Danny Elfman etc etc. Inside DNB hats off to DJ Fresh and Adam F, J Majik & Wickaman. These are some real leaders within the scene. Blame totally blows me away along with T Phonic. Optiv and BTK are smashing it. Prolix one of the sickest guy in DNB for Neuro. Jade, Smooth, Task Horizon & Tim Klienert, Sudden Def, Rollz, RV, Hoodlum, Noisia, Mampi, Ed Rush & Optical, Chase & Status, Divine Elements, Badace, Indivision, UK Apollo & Milinkie.  Plus loads more coming through every day. 


Then inside our camp we have Rico, Alter Ego, Repetition, Braincrack, Anthrax, Lifelink, EarAbuse, The Vangarde, LiveSummit, Decibel Nation, Hoarfrost, Brainwash & Mistic, Maztek, Custom Soldierz, Artomik, Dioptrics, Diode, Dropped Beats, all our vocalist like AnnGree, Ellie, Keri - they are all worth checking out if you see their music, and anyone else who’s been on the label .


How long has the label been in the game for?

Dangerous New Age Recordings three years and Live And Dangerous about seven months.


What are your thoughts on the production coming out from all the new comers since software is easy to get now?

 I think it’s great that it’s so accessible now to make music. I do think thou that sometimes the quality control is pretty limited, but never the less it’s refreshing to hear people’s music. The whole music scene has changed, and the technological age is up on us now, so it’s also great that people can talk direct to the people they looked up to now via Facebook, Twitter and any other social medias. It’s also great that these producers, labels and legends want to interact with their fans to.


Do you believe the label will stay on a focused path of drum & bass or move around to other genres and such?

Well we have already started on commercial projects like “Tell me”. There is a massive reason why! To make a project work you need financial backing. It takes a massive team and big amounts of money to put things in to the UK charts. You need radio pluggers, promo teams, music videos, advertising and a lot more stuff. This can cost anything up to £1,000, £25,0000 to £100,000. So trying to get some commercial music in is something we strongly believe in; it can help to float a label. What we aim to do is take DNB with us just as Fresh has done.


Dangerous New Age Recordings is the underground side of the label, and that’s what it is there for to give the diehard neuro heads a label they can always come back to for that dirtier sounding vibe in drum & bass. We have done a little bit of Dubstep,but not a lot. We may do more in the future, but at the moment on DNA it’s mainly DNB for us.


What are your thoughts on the influence of drum & bass on other genres like dubstep?

I have read many times that top producers look up on drum & bass producers as some of the best in the world and I think it’s true. DNB just has no limit of what you can do, I mean if you like jazz go and check out V Recordings, if you like soulful music check out Hospital Records, funky stuff  - then it’s Ram and dance floor stuff - then Infrared Recordings and so on.


What I am saying is that every single possible genre of music will and has fitted into DNB. The dubstep is great and it’s nice to see that people from DNB are doing so well in it. You have to give credit to people like Skrillex, High Rankin, Flux Pavilion, Doctor P. They have all made dubstep a music that’s now hugely popular. 


I think it’s good how both of these music genres have united, but I do think that sometimes they should have separate arenas. I mean if a person who only likes DNB pays for a ticket to hear DNB, do they want to have half a set of dubstep to? But it can work, also it depends who you are.


What is your advice to any new producers who want to approach yours and other people’s labels?

We are always happy to hear new music, and urge people to send it in. One thing we strongly believe in is developing artists and their production. Don’t ever take any ones criticism as bad, but go away and take in what they said and work on the things to make the track better. We have helped many people and it really shows after a few months. 


The second thing is don’t be too hasty to show everyone your music if it’s signed to a label. Don’t instantly upload on places like Soundcloud, Youtube. Yes we all like showing the world our new music but it leaves nothing to the imagination. If you can get it on a mix and then upload that, it will drive a lot more people to the tune.


AIM is also not always the best place to, it’s great for sending music, but something we learned over the years of doing this, is that some of these people you send music to are so busy and may not see your messages, in fact some people go on tour to and leave their PC's and Mac's on. So if someone doesn’t reply, then don’t worry. If they like your tune you will sure know about it.


Lastly, do some research on a labels sound, and then try to find tunes that will fit that. Each label has a certain sound they like and that’s what you want to aim for. Find a tune that may appeal. Label your stuff up to, so many people send a tune with no contact and this makes it impossible to get back to the artist if the label likes the tune. Read up and watch videos on production and learn your equipment. We hope that helps.


Anything else you want to add ?

Yes, look out for a big return from Mampi Swift and Charge Recordings. The History is coming soon from Mampi . The Behind The Mask EP is dropping or has dropped on the 30th April on Infrared Recordings. 


Thanks for letting us do the interview with Knowledge a big shout to the whole team there. We hope you like this mix done exclusively for you by AnnGree. AnnGree is from Russia, now residing in London, she is playing out at some of the best UK gigs and is getting more and more known worldwide. She really went in on the mix and done a staggering 59 tunes for you. You will hear a great up-and-coming DJ in this mix. You can find out more about AnnGree below.


This is a mix to showcase some known and lots of up and coming talent. We decided we would not do a full on mix but give each tune some time to breath so people can hear them better. Thanks to everyone that sent in tunes. Hope you like the mix.


Quick shout outs: All Media Music. Mampi, Infrared Recordings Crew,  Blame, T Phonics DNA, LAD Family Milward, Mysterious, Lady X, Sue, Shoby, Shelly, Dan, Tim, Mike, Chris, Everyone here who puts up with the hours of producing. J Damm, Chris Morris, Demonic D, (Joker Promotions Spain) Anthrax for Art (Stuckee The Play Center) Andi Durrant Capital FM, Prolix, (Melinki & Flex) (Khal & Sacha Dogs On Acid) (Lee Future DNB.Net) Adam F, Cygnus Music Team, Nuurban Team, Grooverider & Fabio, Goldie (Tracey Power), DNB Arena, The Risky, Toby and all the Team there. Nick, Kev, and the Juno Team. Edd and all the Track It Down Team. Everyone on Facebook, and everyone that supported us and continues to do so. And and anyone we missed. The future is looking bright for us and we hope you can come along for the ride.


Dangerous New Age Recordings Podcast 05 (Knowledge Magazine Mix) By AnnGree





Photo: Anca Moanta (AM Photography)


(All Rights Reserved To Radek)



  1. Scoop, Rico & Alter Ego - Martian Bar (Dangerous New Age Recordings)
  2. EarAbuse - Ur Mine (Braincrack Remix) (LIve And Dangerous Dub) 
  3. Int Company - Dimension (C2D Dub)
  4. Braincrack - Don't Move (Decibel Nation Remix) (Live And Dangerous Dub) 
  5. Prolix - Skull Snapz  (TrendKill)
  6. Alter Ego - Circuit Breakers (Dangerous New Age Dub)
  7. Desept & Zendi & Mechanical Pressure - Neutral Groove (C2D Dub)
  8. Rico - Release The Dogs (Digii Code Dub)
  9. Maztek - Crawler (Dub)
  10. Hykario - Alien.Sub (Synergist Dub)
  11. Second Opinion - Dungbeetle retouch 
  12. Follix & Back Up - Pounded (Dangerous New Age Dub)
  13. Alter Ego & Scoop - Untitled tune  (Live And Dangerous Dub)
  14. Alter Ego & Scoop - Cybernetic (Mistic remix) (Live And Dangerous Dub)
  15. Zardonik & Indivision - Away From Life
  16. Diode & AtoM - Rotor Control (Abducted Records)
  17. UK Apollo, Melinki & Scoop - Low Frequency (Dub)
  18. Blame - Let It Go (Cain Mos & Scoop remix) (Dub) Competition remix
  19. Vidual - Tyranno (Extent Recordings Dub)
  20. Jady Lu - Defenseless (Scoop & Cain Mos remix) Never released (Dub)
  21. Lifelink - Head Games (Dub)
  22. LiveSummit (Featuring AnnGree) - Forgotten (Dangerous New Age Recordings Dub)
  23. Hoarfrost - Staged Terror (Dangerous New Age Recordings)
  24. Intraspekt & The Raid - Test Range (Dub)
  25. Rhianna - Love The Way You Lie feat Eminem (Exclusive Bootleg Scoop remix Dub)
  26. UK Apollo, Melinki & Scoop - Untitled (Dub)
  27. Scoop & Cain Mos Rene Lavice & Dioptrics - Memories (Featuring Keri Greenaway Dub)
  28. Indivision & Live Wire feat Tasha Baxter - Won't You Stay (Chords Remix) (Have A Break Dub) 
  29. Artomik - The End Is Nigh (Dangerous New Age Recordings)
  30. 75 Numbers - See Another Day (rico, scoop & repetition exclusive remix  (Can You Feel It Media)
  31. Max Shade - 3 Days (Dangerous New Age Recordings Dub)
  32. Alter Ego, Repetition & Scoop - Born To Do This (Featuring Deemas J (Brainwash Remix) Version 5 Dub)
  33. Anthrax - Infinity (Dangerous New Age Recordings)
  34. AtoM & Kayus - Strangers (Dangerous New Age Recordings Dub)
  35. Rico & Scoop - Tell Me (Featuring Keri Greenaway) (Live And Dangerous Dub) 
  36. Rico - Arrow Down (Digii Code Dub)
  37. Hot Pursuit (Indivision & Cosmic remix) Remix competition (Dub)
  38. Hallucinator - Disturbed (Dub)
  39. Splice ft Miss Lexie - The Promise (Multi Function Dub)
  40. Sub Daymon & Follix & Back Up – Atmenos (Live And Dangerous Dub)
  41. Brizzy - Only for you (Featuring Savvy Dub)
  42. Divine Elements - Diluted Practices (Dub)
  43. Diode - Paralax (Dangerous New Age Recordings)
  44. Decibel Nation (Featuring Psychoactive) - Cataclysm (Dangerous New Age Recordings)
  45. Klute & Prolix - Keep It Simple (Commercial Suicide)
  46. Dropped Beats - Corrupted (Dangerous New Age Recordings)
  47. EarAbuse - Bad (Live And Dangerous)
  48. Gridlok & Prolix - Poisonous (Project 51)
  49. Splice - Summer Breeze (Multi Function Dub)
  50. Anthrax (Featuring Leyla M) - Feel The Music In Yourself (Alter Ego & Scoop Remix) (Hysteria Dub)
  51. Custom Soldierz - Show You (Dementia Remix) (Mindtech Dub)
  52. Vidual - Rejection (Extent Recordings Dub)
  53. Brainwash & Mistic - Envious Eyes (Dangerous New Age Recordings)
  54. J Majik & Wickaman - Don't Go (Featuring Keri Greenaway) (Infrared Recordings Dub) 
  55. Insom - Final Decision (c2d dub)
  56. Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Spirits (Unknown) 
  57. Lifelink - Radiate (Dangerous New Age Recordings)
  58. Callide & Intraspekt - Path You Choose 
  59. Cinkoz - Aurora (Live And Dangerous)

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