17 Jul 2012



Advection Music


Atmospheric drum & bass label Advection Music are taking over our Kmag Presents at Cafe 1001 event on Thursday August 2nd and they're bringing all their best artists along for a party. We spoke to label co-owner Tidal to see what they've got in store. Remember the night runs from 7pm to midnight and it's FREE to get in all night.

Please introduce Advection Music and tell us what you're all about...
We're Advection Music (AM) run by myself Tidal (Birmingham, UK) and Galaxi (California, USA). For half a decade we've been pushing the deeper sounds of drum & bass, specifically cutting edge soundscapes for the mind & body.  Although we've been running the label for five years our original excursion into promoting atmospheric music was established in 2001 when the Advection website first went live.

2004 was when Central Projection got together, which was the official outlet for our events in Birmingham, London and worldwide parties, and spring 2007 was the year we officially launched the label. We've come along way since our first vinyl release in terms of developing our own sounds, and signing new music to the label, we also setup releases for digital distribution over the last few years, with some carefully selected hand-picked EPs like the 'Expeditions' Series Parts 1 & 2, Shadowboxerz 'Sunshine In a Bottle' EP and Kredits 'Steps Of Change' EP.

It's definitely quality over quantity. We could have easily been on 100 or so digital releases by now but that isn't primarily what we're about. We've been extremely fortunate to have worked with some key artists in the scene from a release point of view and also from a promotional point of view in terms of getting the music heard by worldwide audiences. The likes of LTJ Bukem, Fabio, Nookie, Aural Imbalance, PFM, DJ Stunna, Pete Rann and Soultec have been supporting us since day one, and this is something we've always appreciated.

The artists on the label continue to play an integral part in the overall vision and continuous movement of what we're doing. Without the passion and enthusiasm, we simply wouldn't exist. Fundamentally the names on the label include Aural Imbalance, Deep Gemini, Bass'Flo, Nemanoe, The Outerworld, Kytel, Soul Objective, Jay Le Roc, Ziyal, Natur, Iriann Joyce, Kredit, Turnz, Shadowboxerz, Okee, Jrumhand, Dynamic, Donic and MC Smilee.

How has 2012 been for you so far?
We've had a great start, and I'm happy about it, purely because there has been lots of work behind the scenes in preparing for the launch of the triple CD release 'AM Producer 01', and gearing up for another set of releases all happening this year. We're also expanding our Advection Agency roster to include artists like Aural Imbalance, Future Engineers, Ethereal 77 (Ulrich Schnauss), Dynamic, Iriann Joyce, Jrumhand, Natur and Kredit.

Early 2012 involved a continuation from the sponsorship we have with Jack & Jones clothing. This was set up last year to help promote the music and the jeans brand in the UK and Europe. For us, the whole experience has been key to reach different audiences outside the scene, especially when we've been DJing abroad.

We're also launching some sub-labels which will be surfacing later this year like Advection USA (run by Galaxi focusing more on artist compilations), AM4 (ambient film score productions for film, TV, radio and stage), Cosmic Origins (original atmospheric drum 'n' bass, with no rules), Phuture Movements (co-run with Jay Le Roc) and Along Way From Detroit (co-run with Bass'Flo). Phuture Movements is for the sound for late night grooves, deep house and downtempo soundscapes, whereas AWFD is specifically for dub techno enthusiasts.

You're about to release your AM Producer 01 compilation, please tell us all about it...
The AM Producer series has been a wonderful project to work on, mainly because it has been a concept for a good few years now; and it's centred around creating a journey experience for the listener. We wanted to have our own take on the 'Producer Series' on Good Looking which really captured the depths of the artists. We've designed it suitable for home listening and also presented it in a DJ friendly format for the clubs. We've tried to create something that is open to interpretation for each listener.

The artists involved in the compilation are Bass'Flo and Nemanoe, and together as The Outerworld. Essentially each disc could have easily been a separate releases spanned months apart but we decided it would better suited in one package. This is what makes the release unique - there hasn't been any other label that has released this much atmospheric drum & bass music in one release.

What you can expect is a snapshot of moments from the producers throughout the last few years of their own personal productions, the soundscapes evolve over each CD, but all stay in an area of deep music. In total there are four non-drum & bass tracks on the compilation that are focused on more ambient interludes and dub techno sounds. Originally there were over 200+ tracks for this LP but we narrowed them down to a lean 36 of the very best. We will hopefully be releasing the other beats on a few other projects later in 2013. AM Producer 01 is available to buy on preorder from our website.

The next releases will see us return to vinyl as well as CD and digital formats. Our mantra is to push all three formats, with priority being on the physical releases. It will be our most productive year for releases. Vinyl wise we have ADV002 & ADV003 which be The Outerworld 'Existenz' / 'Crystalforms' /  'Elysium Planitia' / 'Aurelia', then Kredit  ADV004 with 'Ascending Red' / 'Ascending Red (Future Engineers Reset). We will also be releasing the first vinyl EP on the label from myself & Iriann Joyce. ADVEP001. Expect full colour artwork and limited editions presses.

On the CD / digital front we'll be releasing the following LPs: Expeditions Series Vol. 1 mixed by Jay Le Roc, Eschaton Presents AM Producer Vol. 02, Ziyal Presents 'Retrospection' AM Producer 03 and Half a Decade of AM mixed by myself (Tidal). Then there's the Timeless Travellers LP from Bass'Flo & Ziyal on Cosmic Origins, Phuture Movements presents After Hours - Vol. 1 and, finally, the much anticipated Tomorrow Explorers album.



Tell us a bit about everyone on the line-up for your date with us at Cafe 1001 and what people can expect from their sets...
Anyone who has been fortunate enough to have seen us DJ over the years at Progression Sessions, Bukem In Session or our own Central Projection events will know that when Jay Le Roc, Tidal, MC Smilee, Bass'Flo, Soul Objective and Donic get together it will be a guaranteed night of feel-good drum & bass vibes. It's interesting because officially this is our first Advection night in the UK. What you get with Central Projection is that we all play something different within the genre, and there is certainly an element of competitiveness. Mostly because neither of us knows what the other one will play. We look forward to playing as much as hearing each other. At Cafe 1001 you will be seeing:

Bass'Flo - you can expect to hear the latest exclusive dubs from his own productions and The Outerworld / Ziyal collaborations. Expect to be taken on a hi-octane journey of deep space beats, that will have you moving, all night (especially when the Amens drop).



Iriann Joyce - one of the hardest working singers I've met and definitely one to watch. Having recently featured on Heavy1's Minimalized LP with 'Light Upon My Road', she has become a very popular name in the scene. Having recently signed up on the Advection Agency roster, she will be providing live vocals on the night on her UK début performance. Expect to hear some exclusive versions of her music and her new releases on AM, Liquid V and Rubik over a set from myself.



Jay Le Roc - an ambassador for the music and one of the best DJs I've heard. Having played at Nookie's Atmosphere night, Progression Sessions, Bukem In Session and many more, Jay delivers the best this genre has to offer. Myself and Bass'Flo had the pleasure of hearing him play a two hour set in Switzerland last year and it literally blew us away. You may also hear some of his own productions in the mix executed with pure finesse. Since his new Launch Pad Experience show on Bassdrive he has been gaining even more popularity expect his live performance to roll out the same.



Soul Objective & Donic - great DJs from the collective who have been representing the full scope of the scene for years. Whether it's past, present or future, they will draw for a classic and still deliver a cohesive set. Expect a lot of their own exclusive productions, alongside the best picks from the other deep drum & bass labels.



MC Smilee - the voice of Central Projection, Smilee has had the pleasure of hosting various nights over the years including sharing the stage with MC Conrad at Bukem In Session. Expect to be engaged from the start with energetic lyrics that truly compliment the soundscapes of the music.

Tidal - I'll be DJing with Iriann Joyce providing live vocals. I'm really looking forward to this as this will be a format for future events. I'll be representing the AM camp and playing new beats from myself & Iriann Joyce, Ziyal, Ethereal 77 and also collaborations I've done with Jrumhand, Blade, Aural Imbalance, Okee, Bass'Flo and Soul Objective.



Are you involved with any nights in Birmingham or anywhere else?
We've been promoting the Central Projection nights in Birmingham since 2004. Over the years people like Makoto & Deeizm, Big Bud, Nookie, PFM, Future Engineers, Blame & MC DRS have played. However in the last few years we've focused more on taking the sound to Europe. Recently we've been DJing at the Scenic & Advisory presents nights with the Offworld crew in Birmingham our last appearance was with Seba, Future Engineers and P.B.K, which was great.

We are now specifically focused on promoting our Advection Agency and we've got the AM Producer Tour planned for the rest of year, our next dates will be in London, Shrewsbury (with Conspire & Jay Dubz), Lincoln (presented by Undertone) and Plymouth for August. We're currently booking shows in Eastern Europe and the America in 2013.

Anything else you want to tell us about?
Look out for a special collaboration project on AM with some of the producers from the 'Golden Era' in a limited edition CD / vinyl release. Bass'Flo's & Ziyal's 'Timeless Travellers' LP is really something special, Ziyal (from Sweden) is one to look out for, he seems to have the art of beautifully crafting deep sounds. His techno, house and ambient music is also first class, expect to hear lots more on AM. Also Aural Imbalance is set to release his début LP on Cadence Recordings, that will be great release in our scene and for electronic music!

We're really all for supporting the other deep labels, we encourage people to check out Eschaton's label Omni Music, his doing some great releases at the moment and Lighterman's Criminal Records based, Melos's Sonata Recordings also Future Engineers' Transference Recordings. Camino Blue, Outsider, Arctic Music, Soul Deep, Black Reflection Recordings, Reminiscence Audio, Textures Music, there are too many to mention!

We will be launching our own range of clothing called Advectionwear which will be managed by myself and Soul Objective, products will be available online through the website. Expect the artists on the label to have some signature styles, and also free music with particular purchases!

Big thank you to Kmag and the supporters of deep music who have represented us over the years, any producers who would like to get involved we are always looking out for new artists.

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