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09 Jul 2013



     All Crews Book


All Crews by Brian Belle-Fortune


The definitive book on drum & bass by Brian Belle-Fortune.
All Crews is over ten years of journeys through the music and features interviews with top artists, pirate radio stations, labels, crews, promoters and ravers.


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Description: All Crews is a ten year journey through the jungle / drum & bass scene, featuring interviews with the music's top artists and photographs not previously published.


It delves deep, into the pirate radio stations, labels, crews, promoters and ravers that formed the backbone of the scene. As well as evoking the passion and energy of the music, the book is strong on the politics of jungle and the way it has interacted with racial issues over the years.


Initially printed in 1999 as All Crew Muss Big Up, it was considered the definitive snapshot of jungle's earliest years. After going out of print it became cult reading. All Crews not only has a reprint of the original book but also a 60,000 word update on the many developments in the drum & bass scene in the five years to 2004 when this update was published.


"The definitive book of Jungle"  Grooverider
"The most informative guide & history of Drum n Bass"  DJ Storm
"As colourful and vibrant as the scene" DJ Fresh
"If you think you love music, you need this book!"  London Electricity
"This is the best book on the Jungle/D&B scene you'll ever find"  IDJ magazine




Product details
Publisher:  Kmag (Phoenix Publishing) December 2004.
Paperback: 272 pages, 22 X 17.5 cm
ISBN: 0-9548897-0-3
Contact:If you have any questions about this product, feel free to call us on 0207 183 0468 or email rachel [at]




Reader reviews

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Brian's book All Crews is a must read for any fan of Drum & Bass, especially anyone planning an event.  Brian has a wealth of experience and a great writing style that takes you right to the center of the rave. Essential reference material for any d&b head.
Jeff Mesquit (UK) 26/8/09


'Big Up, All Crews'...This book reveals the fascinating story behind the late great pioneers of JDB (jungle drum and bass). The evolution of the scene and its energy is captured with eye watering form and heart pounding detail. The reader is indeed transported from the Acid House origins in 88, to the shining new wave producers of today. Like its chosen genre, the book stands as a symbol for the journey through which JDB has travelled and contains rich stylised photos of crucial DJs and MCs. The book offers a behind-the-scenes look at the forgotten aspects encapsulating drum & bass, such as pirate stations, labels, promoters and most importantly the ravers who carried the revolution.

This is a resoundingly beautiful piece of work, and the second edition, with its revised layout and updated knowledge becomes a must-buy for all the JDB fans out there. In the words of MC 5ive O (in '95), "The Jamaican man big up the Reggae. The American man big up the Hip Hop. Its about time the British man big up the Jungle."

Jason Hyer 13/7/09


"Perhaps readers will also understand that drum & bass isn't about one flavour of music - it is, and has always been, about full flavours, and things that move in cycles" - Brian Belle-Forture. This "definitive book of jungle", as described by Grooverider, details a comprehensive history of drum & bass music, from its reggae roots, to the plight of the early players on the scene to get the music exposed on illegal radio stations - a testament to what it took to draw the drum & bass scene deep out of the London underground.

Humorous and well-written, All Crews speaks in a language synonymous with drum & bass. The many quotes and first hand accounts of the scene, from artists and punters alike, pull together a real picture of jungle music as it has been experienced over the decades. Goldie, Nicky Blackmarket, Fabio, DJ Hype, Jumpin Jack Frost, they are all in here, their stories told.

As a decade-long lover of drum & bass music, the exciting and informative stories in All Crews have given me more of an understanding of the scene as it has developed over the years, and in doing so this has allowed me to understand the 'drum & bass movement' as a whole, from humble beginnings, to the scene we know and love today. This book is a warm and incredibly interesting read; a must-own for anyone who considers themselves a true head.
Becca Stevens (UK) 6/7/09


As an Aussie who has been into Drum & Bass for a few years now, I really enjoyed reading about the history and culture of the music I love. It was inspiring hearing about what some of my favourite DJs went through to get their sound heard and get DnB to the point it is today.

All Crews takes you back to an exciting time when Jungle was first beginning, the descriptive language makes you feel like you're really there listening to the DnB dons such as Hype, Goldie or Mickey Finn, raving out in a field, house party or old warehouse. The fact it is written by someone who is obviously so passionate about the music and has lived and experienced it, makes it a fantastic read.

The interviews throughout the book are intriguing because you can hear everyone's point of view at the time, from the DJs, the promoters, the labels, producers, pirate radio presenters and of course the ravers. This book is The DnB Bible and all the junglists out there need to check it out!
Sal Bainbridge (Australia) 2/7/09


All Crews is the entire story of Jungle/DnB from the very beginning to recent years. Acknowledging everything from the early Sunrise parties to Kool FM London's most notable Jungle radio station, this collection of detailed accounts from the author and many of the scenes pioneers leave no stone unturned. BBF sports the idea that Jungle/DnB is not only a movement built on the music but is one also built on the unity of people involved in the scene and ravers alike. If you are interested in the scene in anyway then this book is a must read.
Lewis Booker (UK) 2/7/09


Party journal, part history 'All Crews' takes us from the early raw days of London Jungle through to its global influence and acclaim.  Brian's cut and paste style truly evokes the music and scene he cares so passionately about.  Essential reading
Tom Bally (Sydney, Australia) 2/7/09


An amazing book, really takes you back to the roots of the jungle/drum and bass scene, a must buy!
Ben Hipkiss (UK) 2/7/09


The book brings back so many memories of a great time and places in music. So many gaps have been filled and extra knowledge gained on things I didn't know about the whole scene. A very thorough and enjoyable trip down memory lane for all true Junglists and Junglettes
Paul Brennan (UK) 1/7/09


I found the book very interesting, especially the parts which refer to the pirate stations, but I found a lot of the things in the book were things that I already knew about. But I have have been closely following/studying the scene since 92. I suppose the only negative part for me really was that after 2000 the book still focused on mainly the London scene, but I suppose as Brian was writing from his own experiences it would have been false to eleborate on DnB in other parts of the world (if you understand what I am trying to say). I was also expecting a little bit more "inside" gossip and I felt that Brian was holding back a little on that, but fairplay some things the world need not know;).

I have and will continue to recommend this book to all DnB headz/newbies and anyone who would like to learn about the origins and progressions of the music we all love so much. This book also gives a good insight to the workings of the industry and explains some of the goings on behind the scenes. This book is well written and is a one of a kind, read it while you can.
Ross Hawes (UK) 1/7/09


This book doubled my obsession with drum & bass. I couldn't put it down. I learnt things about the culture and the jungle scene that I had no idea about. The only book worth buying for any drum & bass head, whether producer, DJ, or just any obsessive raver! I love this book, and made me wish i wasnt only eight-years-old during the second summer of love!

Very well written, and an amazing read for those old school jungle generations looking back to the scene, or those like me, who have only been in the scene 3 or 4 years.
Todd Elliott Padwick (UK) 30/6/09.


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